What's Up, Duck?


Howdy folks, been a while huh? Well, things are rolling on apace with the kickstarter rewards, and we should be seeing the books appear around April! All the reward art is done and the folks at Make That Thing have done a great job with the books layout! Very exciting stuff. Also, those with beady peepers might have noticed we have a slightly new layout on this here mainpage, including a brand new lower-right tile! That link will take you to a collection of Duck Doodle Comics- I've been creating them through the past year and I've wound up with so many that people have asked for a place where they can read and find them more easily, so here it is! I hope you like them, I have great fun making them (and, as the disclaimer states, I make them 100% for free and for fun so hopefully Disney won't get mad at me putting them here on this equally none-profit making website!)

In less good news I've gone and broken my hands from too much work, again, so it looks like TPoH is on a tiny hiatus while I heal up. Hopefully it won't be longer than a week or two, but yeah, remember to rest and do your stretches kids! Don't be like me!


Kickstarted! You did it!


Whoops slightly late with posting this here but YOU DID IT! You wonderful, wonderful folks! We hit the goal for the kickstarter, and in fact we came so close to the stretch goal that we're getting a re-run of Volume 1 as well anyway! Hurrah hurray and huzzah! Now the hard work is underway, with files being transferred left right and centre, but when the books are cooked and ready for tasting I'll be putting the link up in the bottom right shop window (the tile, I mean) so you can go and get your share! Thank you so much for supporting the project, and for continuing to read my weird, weird story.


Kickstarter Kick Off!


It'd been a while since I wrote something here hey well GUESS WHAT. Here's a big something! It's the launch of the Volume 2 Kickstarter! People have been asking for a second volume of TPoH for a long time now, and the people at Make That Thing are going to try to help me make... that thing! But I'll need your help- if you can, please contribute, and spread the word to all and sundry! Whoever Sundry is.

I'll be putting the link up in that bottom right tile asap, but you can hope right over and get in on the action right away- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1673195448/the-property-of-hate-volume-2

Wish me luck!


Happy New Year!


Boy, how 'bout that 2016 huh?

Well it's over now and TIME TO KICK IT OFF AGAIN! Volume 1 of TPoH is back up on sale so feel free to go get your mitts on a copy, and I am fighting tooth and nail to get Volume 2 into my future- wish me luck! I'll be trying my best to knuckle down and finish TPatJ this year, and I have a stack of short illustrated and written stories clogging up my brain so I will have to get those out of me as well! As ever, thanks for all your support, and if you want to make it easier for me to do what I do have a mosey on over to my Patreon- you can get nice extra things and contribute towards my general existence! Ain't that sweet.

Best of luck to us all in 2017!


Books! On hold for Holidays


Hello again! Thanks for all the constant support- this is just a small update to wish you happy holidays, and to apologise for the books having temporarily sold out on my Etsy. I will be posting more for sale in the new year, but seeing as I'm going to be very busy for the next few weeks (and posting books for shipping any later than this would likely mean they wouldn't reach Santa in time) I am foregoing updating the shop until such a time as my tiny brain can handle the charges. I am also, still, looking into publishers and the possibility of self publishing the second volume in the same way if all else fails!

Thanks, apologies and best wishes!